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Introduction to Linux

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Learn the Linux ecosystem from the comfort of your own home.

Through this online course, you will learn the basics of setting up Linux (Ubuntu), using the command line and setting up a web server. The course is self paced with unlimited access to all online content and materials.

Learn the Linux ecosystem with Ubuntu

Through this online course, you will learn the basics of how to install, set up and use the Linux distribution, Ubuntu. With in-depth lessons on using the command line to interact with your new operating system, you'll never want to use the mouse again!


Ready to start?

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Who would benefit from this course?

This course is for those with an interest in learning about the Linux ecosystem or to get a just start on using Ubuntu. We understand that learning to set up web servers and use the command line can be hard and we've developed this course with you in mind, taking you through every concept step-by-step.

Ideal for those beginners who want to get started or for those who want to brush up on their skills.

Our course covers real-world skills and by the end of the course you will have Ubuntu installed on a virtual machine, as well as simple web server, live and hosted for all to see.

With digital skills becoming more common place for a huge range of jobs, not just traditional IT roles, this course will help you develop your knowledge of the command line and the Linux ecosystem, as well as doing some interesting stuff along the way!


What will I learn?

This 'Intrduction to Linux' course is broken down into four modules, each paced to give you the skills and understanding you need to succeed.

Getting set up

  • Setting up a virtual machine
  • Installing Ubuntu
  • Introduction to Linux ecosystem
  • Linux command line

File System Commands

  • Changing directories
  • Create and removing files
  • Copying and moving files
  • Directory operations

Linux File System

  • Introduction to the Linux file system
  • Moving around directories
  • Linux file system commands


Web servers on Linux

  • Installing Apache
  • Configuring Apache
  • Hosting your websites
  • Setting up firewalls and DNS

What you get

Lifetime access and unlimited course updates

Live support from industry expert trainers (optional)

4 modules with over 20 in-depth lessons

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